Taking Care of Your TVR's Health


The servicing of TVR motor vehicles requires a certain expertise and in-depth knowledge of the TVR product. Providing care and attention to detail with over 30 years experience of servicing TVR’s. You can be assured that TorqueRVT provides the perfect solution for you.

We don’t just service TVRs. Here at TorqueRVT We’re masters of all things TVR. Got an upgrade in mind?…. The only limit is your imagination, need an MOT, we can do this. Repairs no matter how big or small we can sort all your TVR needs with care and attention to detail, we are passionate about what we do and know you won’t be disappointed with what we can offer!

Something we missed? Not to worry, give us a call and we can take of it for you, we have seen it all when it comes to TVR’s so can cater to your needs, just ask.


TVR Services

Other Services


All our services include premium high quality oils, filter, other liquids and parts, rest assured your TVR will be feeling its best.


Got something in mind we haven’t listed? no problem call us for a chat.


You name it, we can and most probably have restored it when it comes to TVR’s. We absolutely love everything TVR and take a great amount of pride seeing something that has often been brought to us on a tow truck or low loader being driven out of our workshop fully restored and looking like new. Please call for prices and more info.


Over the years at Torque RVT we have had our fair share of bespoke projects from simple to audio installs to full body transformations. We would love to be part of any project you are dreaming of with your TVR, feel free to call for a chat about any aspirations you have and we will make it happen. We can perform performance upgrades until your heart is content.

selling Your TVR

Thinking about selling your pride and joy or simply wanting to buy another model and sell your TVR? We can help, get in touch to discuss options where we can not just provide your new TVR, but help you sell your old TVR.


Looking for a specific part for your TVR? not a problem, we often list parts on our site but we have a very large inventory, if you are something specific please give us a call and ask.

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